The Scientific Legacy of Late Prof.Fawzi Awwad is Donated to NARC

Prof.Fawzi Awad's relatives, the late Jordanian scholar, donated his scientific legacy to the National Agricultural Research Center(NARC). This valuable legacy includes literature of scientific and applied achievements in various agricultural fields, such as irrigation, drainage, and water needs, in addition to several scientific books in both Arabic and English, as well as, scientific journals where his research was published.

Dr.Nizar Haddad, the Director-General of NARC expressed his pride that these achievements of one of the scientific research icons, will be part of NARC.s Agricultural library collections, which has been the main source for the agricultural information for a long time, asserting, at the same time, NARC gratitude for this noble initiative.

Haddad pointed out that this donation is seen as a beacon of scientific reference for agronomists and researchers in different fields of agriculture, particularly in water needs, irrigation, and agricultural drainage water use efficiency, infiltration, in addition to scientific research outputs and thesis supervised by late prof. Fawzi Awwad

During the meeting with Awwad's son,Dr. Saeed Awwad, Haddad listened to a brief about the late respectful scientist's life career and achievements and his professional and academic role, which remarkably contributed to the scientific research in Jordan. He appreciated the positive attitude of NARC in revitalizing these achievements by availing them to researchers and farmers.

Dr .Saeed Awwad expressed his appreciation and gratitude for NARC'S management wisdom, hospitality, and warm welcome, saying that NARC is known for its scientific prestigious, and research experience in agricultural fields.

He explicated that the valuable legacy of his father should be held in, a valuable place that appreciates and value these achievements, NARC is the place here we are so proud to hold this legacy in. NARC's role in promoting and developing scientific research technologies is distinguished and greatly appreciated.

Dr.Heba Awwad, daughter of late Fawzi Awad, drew attention to the progress that took place at NARC premises, especially the National Agricultural Library, in connection with Innovation and Agribusiness Incubator. which is among the first in the region.NARC is the most appropriate place for such a great legal appropriate.

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